Blue Mountain Pottery means so much to me as in my childhood my mother was a collector. Through my interest my daughter has also developed an interest and has her own collection. There are so many styles, colors, sizes and looks available, it is hard to not find one that appeals to you!

Blue Mountain Pottery was a Canadian pottery company located in Collingwood, Ontario.

In 1947, a group of skilled craftsmen experimented by making pottery with the red-brown clay found along the shores of Georgian Bay in Collingwood, Ontario.

The first studio was located inside a converted barn at the base of the Blue Mountain, and it was there a vintage washing machine was used to mix the clay, which was cured for 12 hours before application of the glaze. It was founded in 1947 and closed in 2004.

It produced various types of pottery, from animal figurines to jugs, pots and vases. The company’s products have a large fan base and are collected world-wide.

Collecting Blue Mountain Pottery is still popular by many and, as time goes on, pieces will become much more difficult to find in perfect condition.  It is important to be able to identify Blue Mountain Pottery from other look-a-likes.  Nearly all pieces that had a closed base also had one of a variety of BMP mould marks. There were several marks used which helps to date the piece.

There is also information available on dating pieces by glaze color. Blue Mountain Pottery has it’s own collectors club and website.