Tea time demands a few manners. Next time you host a few friends for this civilized ritual, remember these rules of etiquette:

First, do not stir the tea in circular motions, but use a back and forth motion with your spoon from the six o’clock to the twelve o’clock position, gently. Do not clink the spoon.
Once stirred, remove the spoon from the teacup  and place it on the rim of the right side of the saucer.
Only lift the teacup into the air, not the saucer. Drinking tea while standing is done by holding the saucer in the left hand and the teacup in the right.
Do not cradle the cup in your hands. When not actually taking a sip of tea, put the cup back on the saucer.
Do not crook the fingers through the handle. Hold the handle with the thumb and fingers.