Antique teddy bears are lovely items as they not only represent craftsmanship from an earlier period but also they carry with them a long history of love and affection.

I can’t help thinking to myself when I see an old bear, “who used to love that bear” and “What is his story”?

I think that is why antiques bears hold such a fascination for so many of us and why they are so prized.

Unfortunately many antique and old bears have lost their labels and tags and this means that other characteristics have to be observed to try and identify the bear’s origins.

Valuing vintage or antique teddy bears is the most difficult part of the collecting and buying  process because many teddy bears are unbranded and it can be difficult to guess the correct age. If you are specifically purchasing valuable vintage teddy bears, consider buying a guide such as ‘A Collector’s Guide to Teddy Bears’ by Judith Miller, to get a good idea of the market. Most specific brands such as Steiff, Merrythought, and Farnell have their own dedicated buyer’s guides and books for valuing their bears. I found a few lovely antique Merrythought teddybears at this site.